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Hi there - thanks for taking the time to look at our Web Site. We are The Harwood Family, Trevor, Catherine, Sam and Matthew. You can contact us by E-Mail or by using the online message form by clicking on the Contact Us link.

We each have our own pages that shows our interests, stories and other information. Click on one of the links on the Right to view our pages.


Below is our ancient Harwood History, crest of arms and Motto!

H A R W O O D    O R I G I N
The surname Harwood originally was used as a regional appellation. Regional surnames stem from place names including rivers, countries, and man made features such as buildings, crossroads and many other objects, A person could be given a name indicating a place which was readily recognised.   An individual living near a hill would be so designated, perhaps one living or working by a church would have been given the name Church,  In this case the surname was used for one who resided at Harewood a village 12 klms north of Leeds.
Early records of the surname Harwood as a variant include Alice Harewode from Harwood who was recorded in the subsidy Rolls of Somerset in the year 1327.  The Subsidy Rolls were a relief granted by parliament to the king in times of need to assist the country with finance in times of need or urgency, such as war etc.   This money was recovered by the realm in the form of taxes which were levied on the general population.  This method of tax collection was used extensively during the early 1300.
Later Robertus de Harwoode and William de Harwode of Harwood all appeared in the Poll tax of Yorkshire in 1379.  The Poll Tax, otherwise known as Octroi, was a tax levied by local authorities or commune on certain goods which entered the precincts of their authority.  In 1380 this levy led to a revolt as a uniform tax was imposed on each individual.
An oyster seller by the name of Esther Harwood was convicted and sentenced at a court in Old Bailey, London for transportation and imprisonment for 7 years, at the age of 29 years.   They were transported to Australia aboard the convict ship Lady Penrfyn as one of seven hundred and eight convicts which formed the First Fleet that departed England in May 1787 to establish a penal colony in New South Wales in 1788.
BLAZON OF ARMS: Chequy or azure on a bend gules three eagles displayed argent.
CREST: A stag's head cabossed gules holding in the mouth a slip of oak proper fructed or between the attires a buglehorn stringed also gules.
MOTTO: Suaviter
Translation: Gently.



Our History...

Our History as a family started in 1988 when we first met. Below is our major achievments:

1988 - First Met

1990- Purchase 1st Home

1991 - Engaged

1995 - Married

1996 - Sam Born

1998 - Purchase 2nd Home

2000 - Annabel Born

2001 - Matthew Born

2004 - Move to Arizona Purchase Current House


Click here to view pictures of our homes

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