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Catherine's News ...

Catherine is in the News again

* * * * *

Matthew Starting Kindergarten

* * * * *

The Low Down on The Sam's 11th Birthday Bash

Well early this morning the "Circus" was contacted by People Magazine for an exclusive interview on the Slumber Party of the Year!! Of course we denied them access to an interview not wanting to go public on the "Circus" for fear of being hounded by the paparazzi. I think we made a wise decision and the "Circus" manager Scragend was heard to say "We don't want any leaks to the press"! The only statement that was made was "There was lots of silliness, happiness and tons of game playing"!

So as I regard you all so highly and I know that you all want the scoop on the festivities I will divulge some information to you.

When the boys arrived they engaged in a pillow fight in the games room and came downstairs to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy. We got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen because this is what Sam requested. Two of Sams friends did not want any chocolate ice cream cake. One boy said that he didn't have much of an appetite and the other one said he was not a big fan of chocolate. I had to have a giggle at that.

We then rounded them up into the car and they watched Starwars all the way there and Scragend commented that the sound system in the Pathfinder is better than our t.v. indoors. I was just sitting there listening to it thinking that I am getting to know the dialog and who everyone is in Starwars rather intimately. Thats kinda scary!!

We went and saw Bridge to Terabithia at the movies. Oh my I needed some tissues to watch that. It was so very sad and I cried. Sam even admitted that he was close to tears and one of his friends said he had something in his eye. I said to him are you sure that you haven't got a tear in your eye. lol Going to the movies and getting all the goodies there for the boys cost us an arm and a leg if you know what I mean. We then had some burgers at Jack in the Box but to be honest no one was really hungry.

When we got home another pillow fight ensued and then we had a fire pit outside. It was great and the boys toasted marshmallows and made smores. Scragend said he had never seen so many smores eaten since we built the fire pit. So that was a huge hit. After that we went inside and played LCR. I love this game but we played it with chips and not dollars. Now if it had been with dollars it would have been an absolute riot and I think that I may have been teaching them gambling. Hmmmm.... but they loved it. If you have never played this game then you need to get yourself a set of dice and a good set of friends so you can have a go.

Sam got some nice gifts from his friends and then they headed upstairs for more fun. Scragend blew up the airbed for them and we dragged another mattress in there. We loaded them up with some drinks and snacks. They played the x box and watched a movie. By midnight I was holding my eyes open with toothpicks and Scraggy was snoring away. Finally it was time to tell them lights out. They did turn them out with much giggling. Well I fell asleep to hear some shenanigan's going on. I got up and Sam was in his room with his friend. They had put the computer on. I said Oi you two get back to bed. That was short lived and I was up at 4am to loud talking and shouting. I went to the games room and they were playing the x box again. I made them turn it off and went back to bed to hear more shouting again at 4:30am so I went back and said you know what you can play it but shut up!!! I had to go back though believe it or not and ask them if they knew what the definition of shut up means. They did and they were quitish until around 7am.

So needless to say I am exhausted and so is Sam although he is denying being tired. He said he slept for an hour. Well that should keep him going for the rest of the day shouldn't it? Do you know who never stepped a foot out of bed? Hmmm guess who did all the running back and forth? I guess it was good that I only had to go into them 3 times. I was edgy though ya know just a bit edgy. I worry you see and sometimes I worry for not good reason at all. I am not sure if this is going to happen again next year. What do you think?

* * * * *

Christmas 2005

Well we all had a wonderful Christmas and had so much fun while Gran was here visiting us. We did lots of Christmas activities this year and it really did make it special.

We took the boys and Gran on the Polar Express located in Williams AZ. We picked Sam up from school early and told him that we had a surprise for him and Matthew. We drove up there and when we got there it was lovely and cold. We wrapped up warm and waited to board the train. Once on the train it was so magical. Matthew and Sam were awe struck. They read the Polar Express Story and then they served hot chocolate with cookies. The boys each got a bell which they were thrilled with. It was a really fantastic experience and nothing can describe the look on their faces. Pure magic.

The next day we took them to a deer farm near Williams. They got to pet and feed the deer. There was an incident with Sam and a Reindeer but you will have to read about that on the Harwood Circus page. Then we drove to Sedona and stayed until dark so that we could stay for the Red Rock Fantasy. It was a super light display. You can click on the link to look at it. It was a wonderful weekend and because I am over the top I booked us all in at the Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak to have breakfast with Santa. We did that the first year we were out here before we moved here permanently and we always wanted to do it again. Well worth it. Especially the time the children get to spend with FC....!!!

All in all Christmas was fun. We had some illness during it but that's normal in any family... I guess it was just our year for the flu.

Then on the 3rd of January we went back to Williams AZ to go on the train again but this time to the Grand Canyon for the day. We decided to take this exciting trip for both of our birthdays. Plus Gran got to come with us. She is a star!!! We got to stay in the Grand Canyon Railway hotel overnight. We had dinner in Max and Thelmas (awesome) and we had breakfast there too. The trip was well worth it and so much fun. Again there was a Harwood Circus incident there too.... click here to read the story.

I stopped working for the YMCA and I am now working for a friend of mine who is a Real Estate Agent. I am really excited about being able to work from home and be around to get the children to school.

Matthew is starting a new pre-school too. He is very excited about it because they have sand and lots of digging there. Matthew says that he wants to be a builder when he grows up. Matthews new school is called Stepping Stones. He will be going on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday from 9:00 am until 11:30 am.

Sam is doing really well at school. He loves it and best of all he really loves learning. We are still trying to figure out how he got so smart but I think we will be thinking about the for forever and a day. Sam has made some great friends at school which is awesome!!! (my American word).

Gran went home the day after my birthday and we are all sad. We miss her like crazy. We always have so much fun when she is here. My Gran turned 80 in December and I am so proud of her. She is my inspiration in life and I hope that I have a happy life like her. Matthew cried so much. He finally understands that people leave. He said that he wanted her to stay until " I am all grown up"....!! Bless him.

We are getting booked up at the Harwood Hotel and I can't wait. I love having you all visit (just as long as you are not all together at the same time). LOL

If you email me I will email you back. Sometimes it takes time. I am better if you catch me on MSN. Love MSN.....!!!


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