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Welcome to Our DVD Page! This section contains information on all the DVD's which we have created from our own Photos and video. We have hundreds of hours of video and thousands of Photos which we hope to one day edit onto a final DVD.


Go Fish! 1st Grade Play

March 2009


Go Fish Show | Photos


Matthews 1st Grade Play called Go Fish! Starring all 1st Graders at Sunset Ridge School. Matthew had a starring row as the "Great White" shark. Presented in Widescreen and NTSC (US Format).

This DVD was used to raise $110 for the school!

Note: Converted from PAL Using AVISynth - Click here to find out how.

Harwood Photos 2004-2008

December 2008


Photos Only

2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | House | Grand Canyon | Wildlife


A major photo album DVD presented in Widescreen covering 5 years of photos from 2004 to 2008.


California 2008

July 2008


California Camping Trip | Photos | Extras


Out first major camping trip was down in San Diego, California with the 'Closes'. Video and Photos of Our Camping, Beaches, LegoLand and other Days out.


Arizona to Utah Roadtrip

March 2008


Photo Slideshow of our Roadtrip


This DVD is a photo slideshow showing our trip through Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. During our trip we visited Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, Goosenecks State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Four Corners, Canyon De Chelly, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert.

Also included are photos of our day at the White Tank Mountains with pictures of many wildflowers.

Las Vegas 2007

June 2007


Las Vegas Trip | Photos | AZ SnowBowl | Extras


Follow our journey through Las Vegas with animated maps and matching music, with 16 chapters of video and photos showing each hotel we visited. Also included is our ride on the SnowBowl ski lift!

View the 4 slideshows of Photos which includes Las Vegas, Shark Reef, Flagstaff and Tonto Natural Bridge.

Extra's include Outtakes and the famous Slinky video.


Sunsite Ranches

November 2006


Site Video | Site Photos | Area Photos | Contacts | Maps


View the land which Catherine's Mum owns at Sunsite Ranches in Southern Arizona. Video and Photos shows the land and the area surrounding the land.

Extra's include Maps and satellite images of the area.


The Harwood Volcano's

August 2006


Main Feature | Sunset Crater | Photos | Volcano - The Making | Message from Boys


Follow Sam & Matthew through the process of making Paper Mache Volcano's and Making them erupt in different colors. Then watch them as they visit a real volcano site at Sunset Crater.

Extra's include Photos from both videos and a special message from the boys.






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