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Here is our news, yes it has taken over from the old Facts page! I will create a new page soon.....


December 2007

2007 Newsletter


Click here to View or download a roundup of 2007 which we sent out as our newsletter at Christmas.

5th March (Update 10th October) 2007

Have They Survived?


The 3 days of freezing temperatures in January hit about half of all my plants. Most of the small plants and shrubs have started to grow again, and although now significantly smaller in size, they should grow back quickly.

But... the trees (some of which are quite large and probably 10 years old) show no signs of recovery..... yet.


Click below to see the photos then see if they Survived


See Photos


14th January, 2007

Freezing Desert



Sunday January 14th, 2007 - was the coldest morning since 1990, just 21F where we live (27F Downtown Phoenix). Monday and Tuesday continued the cold spell. A lot of plants were damaged by the freezing temperatures (See the Photos) and the Pool plunged to its lowest temperature so far - 45F.


3rd June, 2006

The First 110F of the year



Saturday June 3rd, 2006 was the first 110F day of the year.

The next temperature milestone - 120F - has only ever been achieved three times before:

122 on June 26, 1990

121 on July 28, 1995

120 on June 25, 1990


20th May, 2006

Arnie - shhhhhhh!


We have a couple of gorgeous cats, Arnie and Slinky. They are supposed to be Brothers (See the photos for yourself). Every evening, once the kids have gone to bed, Arnie decides to call Slinky for a game. Trouble is, he sits at the front of the house, where he can get the most echos and gets the attention of the whole house! Listen to his wailing to hear for yourself!

11th May, 2006

The First 100F of the year



Thursday May 11th, 2006 was the first 100F day of the year.

The last day of 100F temperatures is on average October 3rd.

The average number of days in the year that the temperature is 100F or above is 89.

Hottest ever 122F!


20th April, 2006

Noisy Neighbors!

Click picture to enlarge

(Picture obtained from web)


April has got to be one of the best times of year here in Phoenix. Warm/hot days (80's) and cool breezy nights where we can have the Windows open for one last month. Mid-April a loud cricket like noise started about every 20 seconds and lasted about 5 seconds each time. Click here to listen to the MP3. At first I thought it was a problem with a fan or the pool. Upon investigating, it was coming from our neighbors back yard. They have a pond, so I suspected this was a Toad and not a bug. Researching online, the most likely culprit is the Red Spotted Toad.



Please Rain!

I never thought I would say this, but I was glad to see rain! It has been 143 days (5 Months!) since it has rained here in Phoenix which is the new record for the driest period in Phoenix History! The dry spell first started on October 18th, 2005 and ended when heavy rain arrived March 11th, 2006, breaking another record. 1.40" of rain fell in one day, breaking the previous record of 0.90". Amazingly, just North of us also received snow (See article below) at just 2000 feet.

Click snow picture to enlarge


Snow in Phoenix?

Well not quite, but it did snow in Cave Creek, Carefree, and New River (just 10 miles north from where we live)! Check out the photo (left) taken on March 12th 2006 from the Carefree Highway looking North. More Photo's available when the Photo's page is completed.

Picture of coyote taken from Back garden


Ever heard a Coyote Howling ? We hear them most nights during the cooler months.

Download the Coyote Howling MP3 to hear a clip I captured from our garden.



Picture of Desert/Giant Hairy Scorpion caught in Back Garden


These scorpions grow to about 6 inches long and the sting is said to be painful but not dangerous. Sam found this one when playing in the rocks!


Bark Scorpion caught in House

These scorpions only grow to 2-3 inches but are the most venomous. This is the type that put Matthew in hospital for 4 days!

The suspected entry this scorpion got in through, has now been sealed, and we have since got 2 cats which are apparently immune to Scorpions.


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