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Our First Rattlesnake

DIY guide to building a BBQ Island

Tivo - Converting NTSC to PAL and writing to DVD

Tivo Problem - "There are no TiVo DVRs available on the network"

Converting PAL DV to NTSC DV




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 Enbraz USA Results



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This Page has not been updated.

My latest 2009 challenge is to convert some of my Camcorder video (miniDV) from UK PAL format, to US NTSC format. There are various methods available that provide you with an easy quick conversion, but often the results are less than satisfactory.

Please review my article Converting PAL DV to NTSC DV that compares 4 different methods and provides detailed instructions on how to achieve a near professional conversion from PAL to NTSC.


Check out my favorite clip from the auditions of 2008 Americas got Talent > xclusive

At Last, I finally found my all time favorite advert, which is the classic Carling black label German Towel one. Not exactly politically correct, but it is very clever (you need to be a brit to understand)

Carling Ad


I keep getting asked about what utilities I use to create my Photos, sound clips, Movie Clips, DVD's etc etc, so I have put together a list of what I am currently using. My Favorite Utilities provides a list with Links for downloads, plus a short description.

I have finally worked out that my page is just going to have to evolve, I don't think I am ever going to get around to writing it properly!

After months of searching, I finally found my favorite Boddingtons TV Advert... I think its called Boddingtons Face Cream - You can download it here Size: 2MB

Also check out the equally funny Boddingtons Runner - You can download it here Size: 2MB

My current project on the House is a BBQ Island and Patio. Progress is slow but steady, To see progress, you can view my DIY guide to building a BBQ Island.


At last, I have finally seen my first rattlesnake in the wild! It was right in my Back garden, and was hibernating. Read all about it and see the pictures of Our First Rattlesnake !

So I am still updating my page, and want to add more stories and information later on. But I am still designing and changing this web site and doing its many updates (still loads more to do).


In the middle of January, I was unlucky enough to have the Hard Disk in my PC die on me. If you are going to have any type of PC failure, this is the worst one! Your PC is your Hard Disk. Any other component can be replaced without affecting your data and settings. You can even go as far as taking your Hard Disk, putting it in another PC, and essentially you have 'your' PC back!

So, I keep saying this (being a victim myself) but BACKUP YOUR DATA! When I get time I may even write some simple Backup procedures for everyone to use to backup their data easily.

I was lucky enough to have backed up all my data in late December, and the old Hard Drive kindly gave me 10 minutes use to get any data from it, before finally dying for good (This type of luck is very rare for a Harwood!).

So now I have my PC back and rebuilt, nothing significant lost (except all them Passwords with Internet Explorer that Windows 'remembers')!

I have been playing footie (That's soccer for my American friends) twice a week now, not suffering too much now! Our Team is called Enbraz USA. We haven't done too bad for the first season of the year, now starting the second one.... Click Here for our past and present results.


Will add some more stuff soon, but for now, keep that data backed up!


Nearly ready to write some backup instructions, but if you are running Windows XP Home Edition, you will need to install the backup utility. You can download the Backup Utility here. You will need this Microsoft utility to backup your data.



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