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Coming to visit us in Arizona? This page is your essential guide, and the all important calendar to see when you can visit us next!

When to Visit?

Phoenix enjoys more than 325 days of sunshine each year, and we only get an average of 7.66 inches of Rain! So the weather is almost guaranteed, just decide how hot you want it by checking out the temperature using the table below:

Phoenix Temperature Guide


Month Average high Average low Warmest ever Coldest ever Average dew point Average precipitation
JAN. 66 41 88 17 33 .8
FEB. 70 44 92 22 33 .6
MARCH 75 49 100 25 34 .9
APRIL 84 55 105 37 33 .3
MAY 93 64 113 40 36 .1
JUNE 103 72 122 51 40 .1
JULY 105 80 121 66 56 .8
AUG. 103 79 116 61 59 1.0
SEP. 99 72 118 47 52 .7
OCT. 88 61 107 34 43 .6
NOV. 75 48 93 27 36 .6
DEC. 66 42 88 22 33 .9


Flying to Phoenix

Sky Harbor airport is your gateway to Phoenix, with many direct flights from the US and International.

For our UK visitors, only BA offers direct flights from Heathrow airport, and some good early deals can be had by signing up for offers from the British Airways web site.

The cheapest flight we have purchased in the last 2 years was 130 each way including all taxes/Surcharges.

The British Airways web site now includes the taxes/surcharges when getting an online quote, and with increased surcharges and taxes, any flight showing around 150 is going to be your best deal.


Driving in Phoenix

Phoenix and Arizona is huge. You will need a car, even to get to the local shops! Rental companies vary in price dramatically.

The best deal from the UK was from Alamo.

Approximate Prices as of 2006 For 7 days:

Economy 158 | Compact 167 | 7 seater 260 | Convertible 325 | 4X4 452.

All car hire includes ALL insurances but must be booked in the UK. To get the best rate, we highly recommend contacting Sue Sexton on 01323 897437 for all your travel requirements.

If you know of a better rate, let me know so I can put the details here!

Also to save a few 's check your Credit Card features, some provide the extra insurances for the car if you book using their credit card.


What to do

The obvious first choice is the Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world.

Also Sedona which was voted The Most Beautiful Place in America.

Please visit our Places to go for details on what to do in Arizona.

There is plenty to do in Arizona, I will update this page with other places soon.



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